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About this work

When I started down my path of healing no one ever took me aside and said to me: "Just so you know, once you get to a certain point (and that point is different for everyone) in your journey you will realize that you have come too far to turn back. You will understand that you cannot unlearn certain truths." If they had, it likely would have taken me by such surprise that I wouldn't have believed it or really cared. But if you are reading this, I want you to hear it as best you can. 

This is not necessarily an easy path. The wellness industry is notorious for glossing over the tough parts to make your healing mission Instagram worthy. You will find those moments, of course, and they will feed you deeply. However, most days will feel pretty normal, relatively mundane and thoroughly challenging. 

What I see as my role in all of this is as follows: You deserve to be loved and supported during your walk. You deserve to be seen, witnessed and believed. You deserve to be loved enough to have someone push you to achieve your goals, or to hold space for you as you confront your deepest wounds in life. I am here to help as best I can. I am here to share my toolkit, to impart wisdom where there is wisdom to be shared and to sit with you in collective wonder at the Great Mystery.

Whether we are engaged in coaching, shamanic healing, reiki healing, psychedelic integration or a combination of all of them my commitment to you is one of Love. Radical Love that sees you trying your best and wants to Love you through that. No. Matter. What. 

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