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Shamanic Healing

I started my journey with shamanism in 2009 when I attend a shamanic journey group in San Francisco, CA. While I entered that first circle a stranger, I left it a friend and brother. Not just of the attendees but of the Earth, Pachamama, herself. I have tried to look back--attempted to retrace my steps, but that's the thing about shamanism. It is a worldview without straight lines. When you commit to it fully, your whole world changes.

Shamanism is a tricky word to understand. It has multiple, simultaneous definitions operating culturally right now. I want to make very clear that make no claims to an indigenous lineage. I do not practice Native American shamanism, nor do I share any sacred secrets of ancient indigenous lineages in my teachings or work with clients.

The shamanism that I practice is rooted in anthropologic foundations of Albert Villoldo and Michael Harner. I am heavily influenced by the work of Sandra Ingerman and Starhawk. I built my medicine bundle with Greg Harper, who studied with Villoldo and Q'ero healers from Peru. I have sat in sweatlodges in the Twisted Hairs, Lakota, and Josef Rael traditions. I have sat in sacred medicine ceremonies in the Shipibo tradition and have worked with various sacred plant medicines since 2012. The medicine that I share for the healing of all is the medicine that I have gathered from the Earth and from Great Spirit during all of these many years of prayer and transformation.

The Shamanic Illumination is the core healing tool that I use to work with your energy body for healing. It is the starting point, but not always the final destination. As we work together building a safe, compassionate container for your healing deeper healings often emerge. Just ask for more information if you are curious to know more. Please book a 30 min Intro Session prior to booking other services so that we can talk about what you need and set expectations together.

Watch the video below to learn more about Shamanic Illumination and Shamanic Divination

Shamanic Healing: About
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